The New Cladding in Nigeria

Over the past five years, our team of architects and engineers have specialized in creating the most advanced and modern aluminum cladding systems available for the construction market in Nigeria.

Clicklad’s goal is to make aluminum products accessible for every home, every individual and every entrepreneur for an installation with the highest quality product for one’s investment on home or building.

In saving time and money, the product can be installed in a click with its fast and easy installation, and price fit to any project.

In avoiding weather damage, the aluminum product can withstand snow, rain, heat and all other weather challenges faced throughout the country.

Clicklad today sells the world’s leading cladding system made entirely of 100% aluminum.

Available Clicklad Sizes in Nigeria:

C-01 Clip 1.2''

C-02 Clip 2''

C-04 Clip 6''

C-07 Clip 2'' LED

C-08 Clip 3'' Close

C-09 Clip 6'' Waterproof

C-016 Clip 2'' Extension

Available Colors:

Wooden Texture




Clicklad product is available in a variety of finishes with Woodgrain options and solid color, minimum pre-order required for color not in order will be placed only after the color approved by the customer.

More About Clicklad Products


Clicklad products are made from recycled 6063 aluminum so all our products are environmentally friendly.

Fire Resistant

Clicklad is fire-resistant and can be installed in low and high buildings according to California Laws.

Plenty of Colors

Clicklad products are available in all possible colors from solid colors to special wood finish.

No maintenance

Without maintenance – Aluminum does not require maintenance throughout its use.

Rust Free

Clicklad does not create rust in any weather

Termite Resistant

Clicklad is resistant to termites and other pests completely.

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Give us more information about your project, and a specialist will contact you to discuss it.

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